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How to enjoy Hexi (ΦωΦ) ?

  1. 出来ちゃう!その1

    First step !

    'つくる' means 'Create'.

  2. 出来ちゃう!その2

    Let's Register our world.

    You can use any OAuth accounts.

  3. 出来ちゃう!その3

    Select & Upload your Images

    jpg and png are available.

  4. 出来ちゃう!その4

    Custmize your Design

    Size, color, as you like.
    Let's join Hexi creators !

  5. 出来ちゃう!その5

    Buy&Sell your Design

    If you any question, Please contact us ! We will answer it as soon as possible.

    (select 'type of sticker' and write url of that Design to message area.)

  6. 日本語版の簡単ヘルプはこちら